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Gudaf Tsegay rues leaving her Garmin in the hotel room, losing a valuable half second.

Ethiopia, Uganda...come on guys get your act together. Sort the tech. It's not difficult.

Apple Watch Ultra 2 – Amazingly awesome battery boost

Apple fans can get extremely, very, super-excited about the new...

parkrun barcode on Garmin now stores 7 IDs

The CIQ App developer is called GASTEROPOD. S/he's recently put out v2 of the parkrun barcode…

adidas Adizero Pro Evo 1 – you can’t afford them

Neither can I

Apple Watch 9/Ultra 2 – tech changes needed for Watch X (Watch 10) and Ultra 3.

What Next for Apple Watch?

Apple’s ‘new’ Gesture – it’s actually over 2 years old

Apple is clearly taking gesture control beyond the marketing limits of just an 'accessibility' feature

Infinity Loops – straps for Apple Ultra 2, Watch 9, 8, 7, 6……

Infinity Loops has a full collection that must be 10x larger than what I've shown here

Wahoo KICKR MOVE – Opinion

I use a lot of Wahoo kit myself and have no problems recommending KICKR to cyclists…

Smart Carb Cycling with Lumen: A New Approach

Lumen, a device and platform that revolutionises carb cycling

Garmin vs Apple – Watch Ultra 2, a new threat?

The threat to Garmin remains, Apple just failed to tighten the screw this year.

Apple Watch Ultra 2 – What it means for Sport alongside Series 9

Apple Watch ULTRA 2 offers almost nothing for sports and adventure enthusiasts. Literally almost nothing.

Apple Watch 9 announced later – predictions from back in april

redictions from back in April '23